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About Trusted Kidney

Adoption of Trusted Kidney in biopsy evaluation can provide more accurate and precise information, that has the potential to decrease an institution’s organ discard rate.

Why are kidneys discarded?

Biopsy evaluation is critical in determining the health of a donor kidney, but interpretations are inconsistent and overestimate damage. Biopsy results are the #1 factor leading to organ discard.1 Up to 20% of healthy donor kidneys are discarded due to inaccurate biopsy interpretation.2

Evaluation errors cause more discards, contributing to the current kidney shortage. Organs transplanted based on an inaccurate biopsy can also lead to poor patient outcomes.

Our Solution

Using Trusted Kidney can produce the most accurate biopsy results available. Our advanced Deep Learning software quantifies glomerulosclerosis with precision. Pathologists can review and update evaluations rapidly with a user-friendly tool.

Trusted Kidney has the potential to lower pathologist error rate by 22% and decrease the likelihood of unnecessary organ discard by 37%.3 More accurate evaluations could mean more transplants, and better outcomes for patients.

Trusted Kidney is a secure, cloud-based tool for pathologists.
We partner with Organ Procurement Organizations and pathology laboratories. Adding Trusted Kidney to your workflow is the next step you can take to optimize donor organ availability and outcomes.

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How it works

More Accurate


Trusted Kidney software assists pathologists by counting glomeruli in biopsy tissue, providing a global glomerulosclerosis score. Results are superior to manual quantitation by general surgical pathologists.

User-Friendly & Rapid

Trusted Kidney is designed to integrate seamlessly in an existing digital pathology workflow. Developed by pathologists – for pathologists, the tool enables rapid verification and modification to biopsy results.

More Comprehensive

Human pathologists only review one slide at a time. In contrast, Trusted Kidney evaluates all slides in parallel. The result is maximum efficiency and precision. Our tool harnesses AI for pathologists, enabling rapid review of more sections than a human could evaluate.

Trusted Kidney reviews all available sections to provide a more comprehensive evaluation of organ health. Trusted Kidney review of 4 slides has been shown to reduce the chance of evaluation error to 2% (compared to a 14% chance of error for a single slide evaluation).


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